Migration Program Planning Levels

The 2019-20 Migration Program planned ceilings have been announced with the Skilled Independent category reduced to 18,652 places from 43,990 (2018-19).

The invitation rounds for the last quarter of the 2018-19 program year will now be reduced to 100 invitations per month for the Independent Skilled stream and 10 invitations per month for the Skilled-Regional Provisional (subclass 489) Family Sponsored stream.

We ask applicants to be proactive in putting themselves in a position to adjust to the following changes. Our migration agents will be able to advise and help you with your application.

The 2019-20 migration program planning levels shows a breakdown of regional visas available. Below is the comparison table of the 2018-19 and 2019-20 migration program planning levels.

Here are the links from the Department of Home Affairs for your reference



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