Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

You and your family members must be covered by Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) from an approved Australian health insurance provider unless an ‘Exception’ applies.

If you are a student from overseas on a temporary student visa it is a condition of your visa to maintain adequate health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia. This means you need to purchase Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and keep your policy up to date whilst you are in Australia and holding a student visa.

Applicants outside Australia

Your cover must start from the day you and your family arrive in Australia, not the day your course starts.

If you have been granted a visa and want to travel to Australia before your course begins, the OSHC start date must be the same as the date you arrive, not the date your course starts. Generally, this is a minimum of 1 week to 1 month before your course starts.

You must: 

  • ensure you don’t enter Australia before your OSHC begins, and
  • maintain your OSHC until you leave Australia.

You may be refused entry to Australia if you cannot prove you have health insurance in place when you arrive.

Applicants in Australia

Applicants must have OSHC. If your previous visa required you to have health insurance, the cover must be continuous with no gap between your previous health cover and your OSHC.

Insurance for family members

If you have a single OSHC policy and you have family members, including children born in Australia after your arrival, consider getting a family policy. Every member of your family must have health insurance. 

Any family member who joins you after you arrive in Australia must show us they have OSHC for the duration of their stay in Australia.

OSHC Provider:

Where can I purchase OSHC?

Contact: 0487 185 791, 0468 785 791