There is a no dearth of what we call ‘education shops’ across the world, so it’s important to choose an education and immigration consultant with a lot of caution. A lot of times, students rely on friends, family or the internet to make decisions. The truth is that your friends don’t really have years of experience working in the Australian education field or the requisite training and tools to be equipped with the latest information that you would need to be successful.

Visa requirements and border protection laws change all the time and vary hugely depending on your nationality. Once you have decided to study in Australia, you definitely need to be speaking to us at Honest Immigration Group to make sure that your university and visa application process is smooth and streamlined. Here is why we are the Australian education consultants of choice for thousands of students globally.

  1. We are registered in Australia. In fact that’s where our story began.
  2. We have 8 professional memberships and offices in India and Australia.
  3. We speak your language. Our diverse team of counselors speaks 5 different languages apart from English.
  4. We are official and authorized representatives of leading universities and can often offer on-spot admissions saving you time and money.
  5. We are committed to making your Australian education dream come true and often enable scholarships for deserving students offsetting a lot of financial costs. This is a Honest Immigration Group exclusive scholarship program and not always available by the university.
  6. Almost all our team at some point of time has been an International student in Australia. We know from experience, the support you need and what it takes to deliver that across the visa, university/course selection and application and finally migrating to Australia.
  7. We are honest with you and what you’d get from us is unbiased, genuine advice. After all your success is our success.